Where to Claim DC Lottery Prizes

Claiming a prize in the District of Columbia is simple. This page has all the information you need to successfully redeem your winning ticket and receive your payout.

Note: Due to coronavirus, the lottery has temporarily closed its Prize Center in Shannon Place. Please use one of the other claim options below.

For security, you should sign the back of your ticket in ink, make a copy or take a photo of both front and back, and store the ticket safely.

DC Lottery prizes expire 180 days from the date of the winning draw, or for Scratchers, 180 days from the official close of game (see the back of the ticket).

Here are the options to claim your DC Lottery prize:


For all claims, you'll need your signed original winning ticket.

Primary and secondary identification is needed if you're claiming at the Prize Center, a Retailer Plus location, or by mail.

Proof of SSN is required and all names on ID must be identical.

Office of Lottery and Gaming Prize Center and Headquarters

This is the address to use to claim your win in person at the lottery's Prize Center. Note that the Prize Center issues checks only.

Office of Lottery and Gaming Prize Center
Lobby Level
2235 Shannon Place, SE
Washington, DC 20020

Retailer Plus

The lottery's Retailer Plus service allows some locations to process claims for prizes of $600-$5,000. Check the table below to find your nearest participating retailer.

DC Lottery Retailer Plus Locations
Retailer Address
Takoma Park Liquors 6200 Eastern Ave. NE 20011
Tenley Market 4326 Wisconsin Ave. NW 20016
Barmy Liquors 1912 L St. NW 20036
Avondale Coffee 1909 Michigan Ave NE 20018
Patron Convenience 3235 Pennsylvania Ave SE 20020
Gateway Newsstand (temporarily closed) 470/490 L'Enfant Plaza SW 20024
Metro Wine & Spirits 1726 Columbia Rd NW 20009
Union Wine & Liquors (temporarily closed) 50 Massachusetts Ave NE, 20002
Georgia Avenue Food Barn 6205 Georgia Ave NW 20011

Claim A Prize by Mail

You may redeem winning tickets of any amount by mail - here's what to do:

Mail the original ticket and claim form plus copies of your ID to the address below. The lottery is not responsible for lost tickets, so you'll want to use a trackable form of mailing.

DC Lottery Prize Center
2235 Shannon Place, SE
Washington, DC 20020

Claims must be postmarked within 180 days of the draw date, or for instant tickets, 180 days from the announced end date.

Tax Withholdings

All lottery prizes are treated as income, so you will need to pay the relevant taxes as per Federal, District, state and local laws in your jurisdiction.

The lottery reports all wins of $600 and up to the District Office of Tax and Revenue as well as the Internal Revenue Service, and provides an IRS Form W-2G with the prize check.

If you've won more than $5,000, the lottery will withhold 25 percent for Federal and 8.5 percent for District income taxes before the prize is are paid out.

Staying Anonymous

Lottery winners cannot stay anonymous in the District - their information goes on the public record. However, it is possible to claim a prize via a company, allowing the winner to maintain their privacy since only the company's name is made public.

Maryland gives winners the option to stay anonymous without any strings attached.

In Virginia, winners of $10 million or more may remain anonymous after a privacy law came into effect in July 2019.